20A GFCI "Tamper Resistant"


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20A GFCI "Tamper Resistant"

GFCI 20Amp Tamper Resistant - Self Test (UL943) White

  • 20Amp - 120V AC
  • Tamper Resistant -White
  • UL 943 New Standard - Compliant
  • Auto-Monitoring or Self-Test Function
  • Reverse Line-Load Misfire Function -repeated
  • Detecting Ground Fault and Interrupting Circuit 

Additional Features:

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Ground Circuit
  • Passed Drop and Impact Test
  • Safelock function, the reset button will not engage if protection has been compromised
  • When miswired, GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interupter) outlets have no power, so it is more safe than conventional receptacle
  • If miswired or if GFCI protection is damaged, GFCI can't be reset
  • Easier installation 


*UL943 Standard Improvements:

 Auto-Monitoring or Self-Test Function. This Function allows for periodic, automatic testing of the ability of the GFCI to respond to a ground fault. If the Self-Test Function detects a problem, the GFCI must deny power or provide visual and/or audible indication.

 Reverse Line-Load Misfire Function. If the line cable is wired to the load terminals of a receptacle GFCI, power to the receptacle face will be denied. This requirement applies to the inital installation and any subsequent re-installation.


• Installation Instructions ( Click Here to Download  )

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